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    Rafael Gonzalez cigars are one of the most selected and finest Cuban blends, these cigars well balanced in their taste and flavours, the overall taste is slightly bitter medium strength. They contain strong shots of coffee and dark chocolate with a predominant earth and woody taste. They have a leathery touch throughout the smoke. The best quality of Rafael Gonzalez Cigars is their well balanced taste. All the flavours are amazingly blended and each flavor seems to compliment the other. The cigars have an excellent rolling with a consistent smoke and firm ash. Rafael Gonzalez cigars are handmade and present the classic Cuban construction. These blends are presented in three different versions with unique qualities and sizes.


    The packaging of Rafael Gonzalez cigars carries a statement that reveals their origin. The origin of these cigars dates back to 1920s when the Caribbean lands were ruled by Hugh Cecil Lowther, the Fifth Earl of Lonsdale. In the late 1920s, Rafael Gonzalez was manufactured as La Flor De Marquez. This blend received a huge appreciation among the cigar lovers and became the most popular cigar of its era. Later in the year 1936, the La Flor De Rafael Gonzalez Marquez Cuban cigar blends were first registered as a brand. The Rel Del Mundo Cigar Company of the Havana city was the initial to register this brand. The Rel Del Mundo manufactured the original registered Rafael blend in the same year. From the day of their preliminary launch, the Rafael Gonzalez blends have maintained their ultimate taste and quality. These are one of the most demanded Cuban blends worldwide. The lands of Cuba are well known for their excellent tobacco yield. Cuba has been regarded as the ideal land for tobacco plantation. It has all the environmental conditions that are necessary to raise the finest tobacco of the world. The average annual humidity on this Caribbean island is around 80 percent and the temperature is maintained in the range of 22 to 26 degree centigrade. The soil contains all the chemicals and minerals necessary for tobacco plantation. There is a moderate rate of rainfall every year and the wind speeds remains in a medium range. All these natural environmental conditions are considered as ideal for the yield of the premium quality tobacco. Among the Caribbean lands, the Cuba has been titled as the most blessed because of its perfect geological and environmental conditions. The two provinces of Cuba, Pinar Del Rio and Sancti Spiritis, are rated on the top for their yield of tobacco. Vuelta Abajo, a part of Pinar Del Rio province, is the finest of all the Cuban lands. It has all the above mentioned environmental conditions at their best. The tobacco fields at the Abajo lands have been reserved and specified for each brand of Cuban Cigars. The tobacco for Rafael Gonzalez blends comes from the divine fields of Abajo. To manufacture the Rafael blends, the topmost leaves of tobacco plants are chosen. These leaves receive the maximum sunlight and have the best quality. The processing centres surround each field and the divine tobacco leaves are taken for their earliest processing. After the usual procedures, the leaves are set off to ferment. The duration of fermentation determines the characteristic taste of a Cuban blend. The blades for Rafael Gonzalez blends are carefully handled and processed and are fermented for a long period of time. The well fermented blades are then taken for their second and final processing. The cigar experts cut the blades according to their specific blend sizes.


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